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The Chemical Diet for Losing One Stone in a Week

Have you heard of the Chemical Diet where you can lose up to one stone in one week? Not many people have because there wasn't that much information on it but now it's all over the web. Learn more about it here...

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The Coronavirus in England

The coronavirus is a hellish mass panic for everyone.

The Coronavirus Spreads in the UK - Should We Be Worried?

Contracting the coronavirus without having been abroad. Should we be worried? Photo from Unsplash

Lose Weight on the 5:2 Diet?

The 5:2 diet worked for me. 

Drinking Regularly Can Ruin Your Health and Your Life

My brother was an alcoholic. Read this article to understand what alcohol dependence can do to you and how it can ruin your health and your life. My brother

Have You Ever Had Depression?

What is depression ? Why do we get it? It can come on for lots of reasons.  Grief can bring it on or even having an accident or an illness can bring it on.  Have you ever suffered from depression ? Photo credit: Denise Larkin - Ireland

My TV and Movie Blog on Blogger

Photo credit: Denise Larkin - London You may not know this but I have a TV and Movie review blog titled Flicks TV Hound on Blogger as well as this one.  

The Heroes Concert at Twickenham Stadium

Do you remember the Help for Heroes concert at Twickenham Stadium? Were you there? Did you enjoy it? I remember it very well as I was there and it was very memorable!  Read on to find out more: Photo credit: Denise Larkin

The Island of Love Set in Cyprus

The Island of Love by Denise Larkin The Island of Love is a thriller romance with a mystery!  Do you enjoy a story that will give you some mystery along with a shocking romance? If you do, then check out The Island of Love. It's out in Kindle and paperback!

A New Artist on Spotify Sings His New Tune '2019'

Here is Henry Dell with his new tune titled 2019 . Listen to the tune in my blog post here. Find out more about him...

Have You Ever Had a Breast Cancer Scare?

Have you had a cancer scare at anytime in your life?  Did you have to go for a Mammogram because you felt a lump?

Have You Ever Tried the Lighterlife Diet?

Photo by Denise Larkin The Lighterlife Diet is a weight loss plan who supply their own food. It consists of soups, milkshakes, dinners and bars along with breakfast meals, such as porridge.

An Easy and Cheap Way to Make a Brandy Coffee

Photo credit: Denise Larkin Do you enjoy coffee liquors? 

Thriller Live at the Lyric Theatre in London Was Amazing

I have finally seen Thriller Live at the Lyric Theatre in London and it was amazing! Get tickets now for Thriller Live - Click below on the picture below.

Cheap Holidays Abroad at Online Websites

Photo credit: Denise Larkin (Coral Bay, Paphos, Cyprus) I have been looking for a cheap holiday abroad next year and came across a brilliant website. Check out this great holiday deal website that I have been looking at lately.  It's becoming a popular and useful place to book a cheap holiday. 

Have You Used a Shopping Website Called Very?

Have you heard of Very online? The multi online shopping website where anything can be bought.  Bought the above Cars racing toy on for my grandson and he loved it!

My Weight Loss and Diet Life Blog: The Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan That Will Motivate You to Lose Weight

Check out my website now called Skinny is Best . Skinny is Best: The Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan That Will Motivate You to Lose Weight I have created another blog all about weight loss, diets, food plans and exercise tips.  Find out more here...

My Weightloss and Diet Life Blog: How Much Weight Can You Lose in Two Days?

Skinny is Best: How Much Weight Can You Lose in Two Days? Read the above article on my Skinny is Best website.

Property for Sale in Cyprus

Would you like to buy a property in Cyprus?

B&Q Has the Best Fitted Wardrobes

Today, I went shopping for some new fitted wardrobes and felt frustrated until I went to B&Q . Here is what I found!

A Movie Titled 'The Changeling'

Have you seen a movie titled The Changeling starring Angelina Jolie? New York photo was taken by Denise Larkin Check it out...

Shopping for a New Bathroom

Today, I went shopping for a new bathroom suite and couldn't find anything.  It was so frustrating! Read on...

A Talented Singer Song Writer Called Ben Brookes

I want to share a new singer/song writer called Ben Brookes here with you all today. He has written a new song called Asleep in Gallilee. The tune is catchy and could go far. 

News on the London Terror Attack

Terror attacks in London tonight!  People injured and killed reports say. 

A Shout Out to a Rock Band Called A Nightmare Upon Us

Here is a rock band that are just starting out... A Nightmare Upon Us is a very trendy rock band who you should start listening to if you are a lover of rock music. I'm not usually into this kind of music, but the band have made a huge impression on me.  One of their songs have stuck with me... and I can't get it out of my head. Great stuff so read on... A Nightmare Upon Us Read on and listen to their music...

Turn Your World Around By Believing That You Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Can you make your dreams come true? I would say yes to that question.   You see it's all about believing in something.  Believe that you can be someone or do something by dreaming it and then believing in it.  

Lunch Time Deals at Pizza Hut in the UK

Have you been to Pizza Hut lately? I went there for lunch yesterday, because it was my brother's birthday and we all wanted to eat out somewhere. So, we decided to go there for lunch. Photo credit: Denise Larkin (Lakeside Shopping mall, Essex UK)

Books on Wattpad

Check out my video above sharing my Wattpad books out now. 


Do you enjoy making Youtube videos?  Photo credit: Denise Larkin - Views of New York city

My Weightloss Blog

I have a new blog called My Weightloss and Diet Blog.  You can find it here . Photo credit: Denise Larkin

The Christmas Spirit

Photo credit: Denise Larkin (Covent Garden in London) Are you feeling the spirit of Christmas yet? Christmas Eve is just a week away.

Popular Songs and Videos in the Charts Today

Photo credit: Denise Larkin (views of Canvey Island, Essex) There are some great tunes that have made a successful impact the public lately.  I am most impressed with the following songs and music videos, because I have found I cannot get these tunes out of my head or because the videos have impressed me.

Game Review Blog and Youtube Channel for the PS4

Photo credit: Denise Larkin If you enjoy playing the PS4 and would like to learn more about the games for it, then check out the Youtube video below.

Cheryl - I Don't Care (Explicit)

Cheryl Cole is doing very well at present with her music.  

One Direction - Steal My Girl

Why not take time out and watch the following video. It's a great tune of One Direction's hit.

Music Videos By Bubblews' Staff Darren-Michael Cole

Photo credit: Denise Larkin (taken by myself when I was in New York) Do you enjoy music? Here is a writer of romantic love songs who is very talented in my opinion. Check out his Youtube video.

A Man Dies During Hurricane Gonzalo in Canvey Island's Seaside Town

Photo credit: Denise Larkin - Canvey Island Seaside The weather in England can be rough at times, but can it kill people? I am sure it can!

A Drawing of Amy Winehouse

Photo credit & copyright : Denise Larkin - Drawing by James Larkin My son drew the picture above of Amy Winehouse when he heard she had passed away. He loves drawing faces and he seems to enjoy it.

Remembering 9/11 and My Visit to Ground Zero in New York City

Photo credit: Denise Larkin I remember visiting Ground Zero a couple of years ago when I went on a break to New York City for 5 days. Has anyone else been to this place? Check it out...

Have You Done the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Photo credit: Denise Larkin - The river near Lakeside shopping mall in West Thurrock Have you been seeing videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook lately? Well, I have.

My Experience Attending The X Factor UK 2014 Boot Camp Live Show

Photo credit: Denise Larkin - X Factor UK 2014 boot camp Dermot O'Leary on stage Photo credit: Denise Larkin at X Factor UK 2014 boot camp Check out my news article below about my great night in the audience at the X Factor UK 2014 Boot Camp show. 

My X Factor UK 2014 Experience

Photo credit: Denise Larkin (inside the SSE Wembley Arena) I went to see the X Factor Auditions 2014 last Saturday 2 nd August. I arrived at the SSE Wembley Arena as a guest sitting in the audience. It was a unique experience.

Do You See Faces in the Clouds?

Photo credit: Denise Larkin We went out for the day to Southend-on-Sea, but the weather was very cloudy and it rained a little on and off. 

A Fascinating Novel - Lady of Hay Written by Barbara Erskine

Photo credit: Denise Larkin I have read a book written by Barbara  Erskine titled Lady of Hay. I have read most of Barbara Erskine's  novels, because they have such unique descriptions of historical  settings within the storyline. Have you read any of her books?

Passing a Driving Test in the UK

Photo credit: Denise Larkin Young people in England find it so hard these days to pass a driving test or at least my son did. He failed three driving tests over the last two years since he has been learning to drive. Do you know anyone who has been trying to pass their driving test? When my son was 18 years old, he started to learn to drive and when he was 20 he passed his theory test. After that he booked a driving test, but failed the first, second and third test, but he was still determined that he should pass. So, we suggested that he buy a car to learn to drive in. He bought a seven year old car, which is a Renault Clio and started to drive it everywhere with someone sitting next to him (either myself or his Dad). This gave him so much more confidence. During his driving tests, his confidence was always so low and he would be terribly nervous. He booked his fourth driving test, which was on Friday 25 th April and he has now passed it. We were so re

Have You Ever Had Knee Arthroscopy Surgery?

Have you ever had Arthroscopy surgery of the knee before? I have just had this done. The reason why I had  this done was because I fell over two years ago and damaged the cartilage inside my knee along with the ligaments in my left leg. I had to have Arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) on my left knee, which took place last Saturday and it has  left me in a bit of pain, so I haven't been here that much lately. Arthroscopy is a type of keyhole surgery where they make two incisions in the knee under general  anaesthetic (being put to sleep). I had to stay in hospital for one night just because my blood pressure was very low after the surgery and I found that I couldn't wake up very well after having the anaesthetic. The hospital gave me some instructions to do physiotherapy exercises, which I do 5 times per day. This is to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis occurring in my leg, where the leg can swell up and give you a blood clot. At present, I am in a little pain, but I hav

Batiste Dry Hair Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo is a unique product that I have tried.  Have you heard of a product called Batiste Dry Shampoo?

The Aroma Oriental All You Can Eat Restaurant in Basildon UK is a Popular Eating Out Place

Do you enjoy Oriental food?  If so, then here is a review of the Aroma Restaurant in Basildon, Essex in the UK.  It's an all you can eat buffet restaurant with one price for all. I went to the Aroma restaurant at the Festival Leisure Park in Basildon, Essex this week.  This restaurant is an all you can eat restaurant that serves Oriental food and deserts.  Have you been there? The Aroma is an Oriental buffet restaurant.  They charge £13.60 per adult and £7 per child in the evenings from Sunday to Thursday, and £14.50 per adult on Friday and Saturday.   Lunch time buffet serves half of the food that is normally available during the evenings priced at £7.60 per adult and £3.70 per child from Sunday to Thursday.  Friday and Saturday is priced at £9 per adult and £4.60 per child for Lunch.  At lunch time you can eat as much as you want between 1 – 3 pm.  Drinks are not included in this price. Read more about the Aroma at the link below: The Aroma Oriental All You Can Eat Restau

Premiere Cinema - The Cheapest Movie Multiplex Cinema in Romford UK

Have you wanted to go and see a movie frequently, but you can't because prices are always so expensive? 

My Unique Egyptian Bracelet

Photo credit: Denise Larkin (my Egyptian bracelet) This is my Egyptian bracelet.  It was given to me by my grandmother many years ago, so I looked after it and kept safely tucked away in a box. She gave it to me when I was around 14 years old. At first, I didn't know what to make of it as it wasn't something I wanted to wear, but in time I realised it should be something that I should treasure. I have treasured it ever since, but now I am wondering about it. I think it might be very old and ancient, but I am not exactly sure. Take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think of it.  Do you think it's valuable or ancient? It could also be a mystical charm bracelet, but I am just wondering about this fact.  There were magical bracelets in the past or so some may believe.  So, what do you think?  Do you believe in mystical bracelets? Copyright 2014 Denise Larkin.  All Rights Reserved. Photo credit: Denise Larkin

The Maroon 5 and Robin Thicke Concert at the O2 Arena London

Photo credit: Denise Larkin I went to see Maroon 5 at the 02 Arena in London just recently. It was a night to remember.

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